30+ Side Hustles For College Students With Busy Schedules

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It’s tough being a College Student, and the worst part is that some of us do not have rich parents to pay off our student loans, and we are left to our own devices to fend for ourselves.

That’s why, even with our busy college schedules, we still need to find side hustles to support ourselves financially.

I was once a college student who need to pay for my own education, so I know where you are coming from.

So, I’ve carefully picked out some side hustles that are worth your time, leaving out low paying gigs like paid surveys.

And, in case you are looking to earn a lot of money so that you don’t need to rely on a college degree to get a job, then read to the end because I have a plan for you.

Let’s get started.

1. Sell class notes

We understand that taking notes is part of being a student. But there are plenty of students out there that couldn’t be bothered taking notes.

If you have neat penmanship and you’re tired of other people borrowing your notes when exam time is near, start selling your class notes to them.

By doing this, you can help other students pass the exams (especially the absentees) while earning a few bucks for your diligence.

Though it might sound silly, but there is a need, and believe me, people (your classmates or peers) will be willing to pay for it.

If your classmates know how bad your grade is, then sell it to people in another class or school.

Better yet, strike a deal with the top student in the class, and give them a cut of the profits if you manage to sell the notes.

2. Become a student assistant

If you have excellent verbal and written communication skills and are knowledgeable with Microsoft Office, find out if your school needs a student assistant.

Most universities and colleges employ some students to help their staff in different offices like the cashier, registrar, cafeteria, and library.

Way back when I was in college, I have a friend who is a student assistant, and the school grants her free tuition on top of monthly stipend.

3. Become a teacher’s assistant

If you don’t mind helping some of your teachers prepare the materials in their class, set up equipment in the lab, pick up and carrying their things, or going outside to buy them lunch…

Then you could easily make a few bucks while going to school.

Some teachers and department heads also need an extra hand from time to time during school hours, and you want to make some money. It’s a win-win.

How to become a student assistant?

  • Ask around campus or in your department if there are teachers who are currently in need of an assistant
  • Don’t forget to come to an agreement with your teacher about a fair rate for your services
  • Be honest and dependable

4. Become an athlete or dean’s lister

While this isn’t your typical side hustle, way back when I was in college, I have a lot of friends that are either school athletes or a dean’s lister.

Side Hustles For College Students Athletes And Deans Listers

What I envy about them is that they don’t need to pay tuition (in our school), and receive monthly stipends.

If there’s a sport that you are particularly good at and have no trouble maintaining good grades, you can enjoy exclusive school perks like my friends.

5. Get a part-time job

If there are stores and businesses near your campus, you can inquire if they offer part-time jobs for students.

Most businesses around colleges and universities hire student part-timers to work for them during their free time and on weekends.

You can apply as a cleaning crew, busboy, kitchen crew, typist, or a store attendant in shops and restaurants near your campus.

6. Provide private tutorials

Are you exceptionally well in Mathematics, Physics, History, and other subjects that many students are having difficulty with?

If this is you and you have no trouble explaining formulas and difficult terminologies, then you can provide tutorials for elementary, high school, and even to your fellow college students.

Parents naturally want their elementary and high school kids to get excellent marks, so they will pay a decent amount for anyone who can help their kids perform academically.

Meanwhile, your fellow college students will try their best and will even offer to pay you big bucks just not to get an F on any of their subjects.

You can offer your services during your free periods, after classes or on weekends.

How to become a private tutor?

  • Ask your friends and family if they know someone who needs a private tutor for school subjects
  • Advertise on your social media accounts or on your school’s bulletin board
  • Print flyers and hand them out to your classmates and teachers

7. Become an online tutor

Aside from being physically present to teach, you can teach online.

This works well for college students who have a computer, Internet connection and want to make money from home.

How to become a tutor online?

8. Teach English online

Do you speak fluent English? Do you have the patience to teach other people how to speak and write in English?

There are plenty of people, especially from Asian and European countries, that are looking to find good English teachers.

You can help them out while making good money from your home!

It’s a plus if you have a TEFL or ESL certificate, but even without them, you can still easily make some extra cash from home.

How to make money teaching English online?

9. Teach other languages online

Aside from teaching English online, demands for people who can teach other languages such as Italian, French, German, Mandarin, and Spanish are also on the rise.

You can also teach language online every night and on weekends. Just don’t forget to give enough time for your own studies though.

How to make money teaching language online?

  • Get a stable Internet connection, a good headset (preferably with a noise-canceling feature), a decent computer and a quiet room
  • Signup and apply as an online language teacher on Preply, EF Education First, Duolingo, Verbling, and iTalki

10. Teach sports and other skills

If you are not academically inclined, but you excel in other areas like sports, music, technology, etc…

Then you can make money by teaching your skills and hobbies.

There are tons of people out there who are willing to pay just to learn a skill, if they know how awesome you are.

So, you can either start a blog or a YouTube channel to display your talents. This is the best place to learn how to get started.

11. Create and sell online courses

If teaching interests you but you would rather not do it over and over again…

Then you can create online courses and sell them.

You can create a course about school subjects like Mathematics or Physics, or something that’s related to your skills and passion like music, programming, sewing, cooking, photography, blogging, etc.

You can earn money every time someone buy or subscribes to your online course.

How to start making money selling online courses?

  • Outline the course that you want to teach
  • Invest in a good lavalier mic and a good camera (or use your smartphone) if you’re planning to record yourself
  • If you’re planning to use PowerPoint and infographics while teaching your courses, get a good screen capture app
  • Sign up and upload your created online courses to sites like Udemy, LyndaBrightstorm, Edison LearningAcadeum, and Skillshare

12. Busking (street performing)

Busking Side Hustles For College Students

Depending on where you go to school or where you live, you can make money by busking or street performing after class and on weekends.

You can play your music on city streets and earn a good amount of money by serenading the passersby.

13. Play music on pubs

Great music needs to be heard and pubs is one of the best place to get heard.

Pubs with live bands are always hiring new talents, you just have to know when they are holding an audition.

You need to do some homework on this to scout around town for pubs with live bands, and you need to approach the pub owners to ask for a gig.

It’ll be helpful to have an audition tape with you, and a great tip for you is to try to talk the pub owners to sit you down and listen to your music.

If you just leave your tape with them, most likely they will overlook it.

Who knows, if you got a gig and performed well, you might be scouted by some record label, but in this day and age, who needs a record label, right? You can get your music to the world without a label.

14. Bartending

Part-time bartending is a good side hustle for a college student and it can be a lucrative one. However, you must be available for weekday night shifts like on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Weekends shifts are usually reserved for senior bartenders.

How to start part-time bartending?

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You know how to use a jigger and you have knowledge about mixology
  • Visit local bars and pubs near you and ask if they have an opening for a part-time bartender
  • Find a shift that fits your schedule

15. Provide babysitting and caregiving services

If you know your way around kids or you enjoy playing bridge with the elderly, then making money as a college student won’t be too hard.

There’s always a need for part-time babysitters and caregivers, whether you’re studying on a rural campus or in a city college.

Some ideas to get started…

  • Ask your teachers, classmates, and friends if they know someone that might need your services
  • Print a professional-looking flyer and hand them out on campus
  • Advertise on Facebook and other social media channels
  • Post your services on your school’s bulletin board
  • Visit and signup to sites like Care, SitterCity, Craigslist, and Ziprecruiter for babysitting/caregiving jobs near you

16. Provide computer repairs and services

Believe it or not, most students who own a computer or laptop doesn’t know how to install programs or reformat their units. Much less knows how to fix some minor errors and virus attacks.

If you are skilled with computers, you can make a lot of money on campus by providing computer repairs and services.

You can also sell some games, apps, and computer programs.

Computer Repairs And Services

Ideas to get started…

  • You can offer your services to your friends and classmates
  • Volunteer to fix computers on computer lab and teacher’s office and ask them for referrals
  • Hand out flyers on campus and dorms
  • Advertise your service in your school’s social media pages, groups, and bulletin board
  • Advertise on your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

17. Provide ride-sharing and driving services

If your lucky enough to have your own car while still on college, put it to good use.

There are many students (and even teachers and school staff) who don’t have cars and each of them can become a potential income source.

Some ideas to get started…

  • Offer driving services to students and teachers to get anywhere from the grocery store, bookstore, mall, pharmacy, or airport
  • Signup to ridesharing services like Uber or Lyft offer your services after class or during weekends
  • Advertise your services on social media and on your school’s bulletin board
  • Hand out flyers to students and school employees (suggested title: “Need a ride for your date? Loan one from me at low cost”)

18. Offer driving lessons

According to some sources, the average cost of driving lessons is $50 per hour. But maybe you can offer it at $25 for a start, and work to increase your price when you have a large client base?

Some ideas to help you get started…

  • Have a structured teaching plan catered to each student. This will make you look professional
  • Have your car regularly checked and maintained
  • Ask your classmates, friends, and teachers if they know someone who wants to learn how to drive
  • Hand out flyers and print out posters
  • Advertise on your school’s bulletin board and on your social media accounts

19. Rent your car to advertising firms

This is perhaps the easiest way to make money with your car if you don’t mind it looking like a moving billboard.

There are various companies and firms that pay car owners who allow their cars to be used for advertisements.

They will stick their advertisements on your car. Then you just drive your car around like you normally do.

Where to get started?

20. Deliver food and groceries

Another excellent way to make money if you have a car, a bike, or any form of transportation is by working for food and grocery delivery companies.

Having food and groceries delivered inside and around campuses has become a new trend among colleges and universities.

It must be because of the busy schedules, long line for orders, or the traffic which is why more and more students and teachers prefer takeout.

Either way, this is a good way to make money as a college student.

Where to get started?

21. Provide handy services

How do you like helping other people with their errands?

From doing their groceries, picking up their laundry, throwing junk/trash, watering the plants, mowing the lawns, to replacing light bulbs, and a whole lot of household chores.

You can offer your services to your teachers and school employees, or elderly around your school campus.

You’ll be glad to know that most adults will gladly pay a student like you for these odd jobs.

How to start?

  • Post an ad on your school’s student board
  • Hand out flyers to students and teachers on campus
  • Advertise your services on your social media accounts
  • Find clients near your on TaskRabbit, MTurk, Craigslist, and ZipRecruiter

22. Work as sign spinner

A sign spinner is someone who holds up a large sign, usually an advertisement, and shows (spins) it around to gather the attention of the passerby.

Sign spinners are paid an average of $10-30 an hour. Not bad, right? A few hours of this gig and you can actually do some shopping!

How to become a sign spinner?

  • Visit local businesses within your area and see if they hire sign spinners
  • Visit sites like TaskRabbit, Craigslist, and ZipRecruiter to find businesses that hire sign spinners near you
  • Be well-informed about the do’s and don’ts of sign spinning
  • You must be at least 16 years old

23. Become a notary public

This is one of the most unheard-of side hustles for college students.

While your job may include handling clients in real estate and banks, the best way to earn money as a college student notary public is as a signing agent.

You will be working with lending institutions and you can earn a good amount of money just by helping other people fill up a set of loan paperwork.

Getting proper training about loans and lending policies will further increase your hourly rates.

How to become a notary public?

  • Google “how to become a notary public in” + “your country/state/region”
  • You must meet all requirements like age, citizenship, etc
  • Complete and submit an application on your state or region and pay the filing fee
  • Pass a state-administered exam (if required)
  • Take your oath of office and purchase and file a notary surety bond
  • Wait for clients or advertise your services on social media

24. Freelance writing

If you have a knack for writing and you can produce high-quality articles fast, you can make money as a freelance article writer.

You can either write about any topic you want in your free time and sell them on sites like Constant Content, HubPagesdotWriter, and Writer

Or you can apply as a freelance article writer for various clients in sites like FiverrPeoplePerHour, FlexJobsToptal, and Upwork.

25. Blogging

If you’re wondering how many people are making 6-7 figures online, blogging is one of the answers.

This blogging course had produced lots of successful students.

College Student Bloggers

While it may sound daunting, starting a blog based on your passion and interest can be rewarding, since it is what you enjoy doing.

Some of the best niches for college bloggers include fashion, health and fitness, business, and how to make money.

For example, you’re on this blog because you’re looking for the best side hustles for busy college students. You can build your blog around that idea too! You can discuss the best ways your fellow college students can make money while trying to finish a degree.

Or if that’s not something you like, then how about building a blog about your favorite sport, music, or any passion of yours?

Bloggers make money from advertisements and affiliate products. You can also sell your own products like online courses and offer your services (e.g. computer repair) on your blog. There are many ways to monetise your blog.

Some of the most successful blogs owned by college students are College Info Geek, Dani Dearest, Life as a Dare, and Gabby In The City.

Start your blog right with this Blogging Course that produced lots of Six-Figure Bloggers!

26. Start a YouTube channel

Aside from blogging, another good side hustle for college students to make money online is by creating a YouTube channel.

This will work well if you already have a blog (make one here) because then, you can create videos on your YouTube channel that is related to the contents of your blog.

For example, this successful YouTuber Thomas Frank created his YouTube channel for his blog College Info Geek…

And just like in his blog, he discusses tips and hacks on how to become a more productive student.

Obviously I’m not a college student anymore but like Thomas, I also created a YouTube channel for this blog Income Stream Builders where I give tips and advice on making money online.

You earn money from YouTube by sponsors, promoting affiliate products, and Google AdSense.

Some tips to get started with a YouTube channel?

  • Decide what your YouTube channel is about (niche)
  • Sign in to YouTube using your account and go the “Channel” list
  • Create and set up your new channel
  • Invest in a good microphone and a camera to record your videos
  • Prepare one room in your house dedicated for shooting your videos
  • Record and upload valuable contents on a regular basis
  • Aim for your first 1,000 subscribers to start earning revenue from Google AdSense (subscribers will come naturally if you provide real value on your videos)

27. Sell photos

Another great way for college students to make money online is by selling stock photos.

If you have a passion for photography, and have lots of photos in your library, why not sell them on sites like 500px, AlamyAdobe StockDepositPhotos, and Shutterstock.

You will earn royalty fees every time your photos are downloaded by other people (passive income).

28. Be a professional photographer

Of course you will need the skills to be a professional photographer, but don’t let the nature of the business intimidate you.

All you need is a few free hustles to get you into the game. You need to build your initial portfolio by offering to be a photographer for free.

If you know of anyone who is a couple (they don’t need to be married), you can ask them to be your model. Better yet, if anyone around you is getting married or have an anniversary celebration or a birthday party, offer yourself to be a photographer.

Once you have build up your portfolio, you can start offering your services to people around you or post an ad on Craigslist.

29. Be a Lifeguard


Granted that you’re a good swimmer, you can seek a job to become a lifeguard for your campus pool or on local swimming resorts near you.

30. Clean Pools

Cleaning pools is one of the chores nobody likes and home owners are willing to pay money to get them cleaned.

Do a good job, and you will get recurring job offers because pools never stay clean forever.

This can turn into a good small business as well when your clientele grows.

Where to get started?

31. House sitting

House sitting is a good side hustle for a college student since it won’t impede you from studying. As a matter of fact, if the house you are watching has an Internet connection and they will let you use it, you can even work on another side hustles on this list to maximize your earnings.

As a house sitter, your tasks may include cleaning the house, the pool, and mowing the lawns. And if the homeowners have pets that they can’t bring with them, you will be responsible for taking care of them too.

32. Get an online freelance job

If you have a particular set of skills like programming, graphic designing, audio/video editing, transcribing, SEO (search engine optimization), logo designing, etc…

Then you can develop your skills even further while making a good amount of money online from home or your dorm.

Where to get started?

33. Sell your crafts online

If you know how to develop an app, create mobile games, sew, knit, paint, or create DIY crafts, then you can sell your work on sites like indieCart, EtsyeBayArtfire, and GCL Craft Mall.

You can also sell old books, sports gears, clothes, and tools sites like CraigslistRecyclerOodle, Decluttr, and LetGo.

34. Rent your stuff to other students

Badminton rackets, bikes, books, suit/dress, accesories, laptop, or your camera…

Take any personal items of yours that are lying around in your dorm or house and rent them to other students (or people) to earn a quick few bucks.

You can also rent your musical instruments or video games if you’re not using them.

How to get started?

  • Advertise on your blog or social media accounts about the items you are planning to rent
  • Advertise on your school’s bulletin board or print a poster
  • Post your “for-rent” items on sites like CraigslistLoanables, Style Lend, and Fat Llama

35. Be an Affiliate Marketer

This is one of my favourites because it has the potential to make you a lot of money when done right.

You don’t need much money or prior knowledge to get started.

And, all you need to do is to promote other people’s products or services, and make a cut of the profit when you managed to sell them.

Here’s how it works:

A Solid Plan for Your Future?

How do you like our list of side hustles so far? I hope it gives you some ideas to get started.

Now, as promised, if you are looking to earn a lot of money online, here’s a long term plan for you.

The job market has shifted, what you learn from college may not be applicable in the future, but there is one trend that is happening in the job market, and that is…

“Every business in the world is seeing and understanding the need for an online presence”

And, this is huge because there is a high demand for someone who has the skill to help these businesses to go online.

The skill I am talking about is…

Internet Marketing

You may have heard about it, or you may have not.

But right now, it is the time to pick up the internet marketing skill.

Honestly, this is a diverse skill because not only there is a demand for businesses, you can use this skill to do business of your own.

Like promoting affiliate products, starting an eCommerce brand, or selling your own digital products. And, what I’ve just mentioned are methods that can potentially make you a lot of money.

So, if you’d like to get started on learning how to be a digital marketer, then grab a copy of this book, because that’s where I got started as well.

Anyways, thank you for taking the time to read this article. If you think this is useful, I would appreciate if you share it with your peers.

Wishing you a bright future ahead.

Your friend,


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