What are the Most Profitable Niches on YouTube?

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Let me guess, you are intending to start a YouTube Channel, and you are wondering what is the most profitable niches on YouTube.

Glad that you are here, because we have gathered income proofs from YouTubers who own small, medium and big channels to find out what are the most profitable niches.

If you’re planning to start a YouTube channel and you’re wondering how much will YouTube pay you for 1,000,000 views, then this is for you.

But before we move on, we would like to clarify some things.

First, there are many ways to make money on YouTube, but for this particular post, we focused primarily on earnings from Google AdSense.

If you’re unfamiliar with Google AdSense, it is an Ad Network that pays YouTubers based on how many times an advertisement is shown – not for video likes or shares, and not based on how many subscribers you have.

In short, all the income YouTubers share below are from paid advertisements alone. 

How it works is advertisers (brands, companies, product owners, etc.) will pay Google to advertise on YouTube, then when Google displays those ads on YouTube Videos, YouTubers (through Google AdSense) will be paid a certain amount per 1,000 ad views (CPM or Cost Per Mille).

CPM in simple words is “How much YouTubers will be paid per 1,000 ad views on their videos”.

To qualify for Google AdSense or “monetize your channel”, you must meet some requirements to become eligible for the YouTube Partner Program which includes:

  • having more than 1,000 channel subscribers and,
  • accumulate at least 4,000 watch hours from all your videos in the last 12 months.

Second, and most importantly, this post is by no means a conclusive gauge on how much you can earn as a content creator on YouTube.

Instead, you can think of this as a reference on how much is the average CPM for a specific niche based on the data we’ve collected from over 40 YouTubers below.

So without any more delay, here’s our list of the best YouTube niches based on the average CPM from YouTubers on each niche.

YouTube NicheAverage CPM
1. Make Money Online$13.52
2. Social Media Marketing$12.41
3. Finance & Investing$12.25
4. Educational Videos$9.89
5. Photography & Film Making$7.31
6. Cars$4.23
7. Lifestyle$3.47
8. Fashion & Clothing$3.13
9. Entertainment$2.74
10. Cooking$2.50
11. Tech & Gadgets$2.39
12. Reviews & Reactions$2.03
13. Bodybuilding & Fitness$1.60
14. Music$1.46
15. Video Games$1.40
16. ASMR
(Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, eg. Mukbang)
17. Dance Cover$0.035

Finance & Investing

How much does Graham Stephan make from YouTube
YouTuberViewsRevenue ($)CPM ($)
Graham Stephan7,781,430129,122.9916.59
Graham Stephan13,852,543170,945.6012.54
Charlie Chang862,6009,726.3311.27
Charlie Chang226,2002,872.7812.70
The Millennial Investor3,20029.459.20
Jack Chapple2,800,00031,340.7011.19
Average CPM for Finance & Investing niche12.25

*CPM calculation = Revenue ÷ (Views/1,000)


How much do lifestyle YouTubers make
YouTuberViewsRevenue ($)CPM ($)
Shelby Church371,1003,015.518.13
Shelby Church1,300,0002,035.821.56
Shelby Church2,262,931743.580.33
Amanda Monroe464,2002,409.235.19
Amanda Monroe619, 9003,990.806.44
Amanda Monroe798,3005,080.796.36
Kelly does her thing13,9006.320.45
Kelly does her thing169,900212.331.25
Kelly does her thing1,100,0003,238.032.94
Hanna Ashton3,000,0001,891.520.63
Hanna Ashton168,900829.274.90
Average CPM for Lifestyle niche3.47

Make Money Online

How much do YouTubers earn for 1 million views
YouTuberViewsRevenue ($)CPM ($)
Roberto Blake1,000,0007,396.517.39
Roberto Blake133,6003,028.9322.67
Gillian Perkins1,400,0006,300.244.50
Gillian Perkins935,3007,672.668.20
Gillian Perkins439,4005,453.9712.41
ODi Productions334,0358,445.1425.28
Ben Smith66,900148.332.22
Caffeinated Blogger220,0005,607.7725.49
Average CPM for Make Money Online niche13.52

Social Media Marketing

How much can you earn on YouTube
YouTuberViewsRevenue ($)CPM ($)
Jaime Resendiz26,0531,443.1455.39
Jason Wardrop249,7005,370.7221.50
Jason Wardrop2,500,00067,955.9427.18
Annie Dubé141,400488.543.25
Annie Dubé94,900373.973.94
Annie Dubé106,600524.354.91
Sunny Lenarduzzi487,8002,067.174.24
Sunny Lenarduzzi275,4001,222.704.44
Reyes The Entrepreneur1,900,0006,495.803.41
Reyes The Entrepreneur2,900,0008,176.452.82
Reyes The Entrepreneur30,800166.575.41
Average CPM for Social Media Marketing niche12.41

Video Games

How much do gaming YouTubers earn
YouTuberViewsRevenue ($)CPM ($)
Gotians Games723,3131,834.122.53
Gotians Games85,306214.292.51
Average CPM for Gaming niche1.40

Tech & Gadgets

How much can you earn from YouTube views
YouTuberViewsRevenue ($)CPM ($)
Jimmy Tried World2,260,6983,291.871.45
Dr Jake’s Very British Review263,439531.132.01
Dr Jake’s Very British Review3,220,3256,359.911.97
Luke Miani764, 2412,700.433.53
Luke Miani198,281282.191.42
Luke Miani172,788687.013.97
Average CPM for Tech & Gadgets niche2.39

Bodybuilding & Fitness

What is the most profitable niche for YouTubers
YouTuberViewsRevenue ($)CPM ($)
Doctor Mike Diamonds131,600204.711.56
Doctor Mike Diamonds1,300,0001,909.181.46
Doctor Mike Diamonds24,000,00037,875.091.58
Average CPM for Bodybuilding & Fitness niche1.60

Fashion & Clothing

How much does fashion YouTubers earn
YouTuberViewsRevenue ($)CPM ($)
Hes Kicks1,540,8613,823.462.48
Noodren K63,097239.423.79
Average CPM for Fashion & Clothing3.13

Photography & Film Making

Can you earn money with photography niche on YouTube
YouTuberViewsRevenue ($)CPM ($)
Anthony Morganti2,36114.316.03
Anthony Morganti17,700229.7412.97
Anthony Morganti2,368,57312,138.695.12
Jeven Dovey1,300,0006,667.655.13
Average CPM for Photography and Film Making niche7.31

Educational Videos

How much can you earn from educational YouTube videos
YouTuberViewsRevenue ($)CPM ($)
Sele Training1,358,57515,325.5411.28
Sele Training2,079,65919,691.409.47
Sele Training1,635,78714,621.388.94
Average CPM for Sele Training Educational videos9.89


YouTuberViewsRevenue ($)CPM ($)
MrBeast243, 866669.272.74
Average CPM 2.74


YouTuberViewsRevenue ($)CPM ($)
Greg Kocis5,7009.331.64
Greg Kocis106,300135.841.28
Average CPM1.46

Reviews & Reactions

YouTuberViewsRevenue ($)CPM ($)
Average CPM2.03


YouTuberViewsRevenue ($)CPM ($)
Average CPM4.23


YouTuberViewsRevenue ($)CPM ($)
In The Kitchen With Matt115,938293.032.53
In The Kitchen With Matt461,2511,048.472.27
Average CPM2.50

Dance Cover

YouTuberViewsRevenue ($)CPM ($)
Ellen and Brian1,225,9613.800.003
Ellen and Brian1,751,7388.520.004
Ellen and Brian4,656,7555.140.001
Ellen and Brian3,973,164146.320.036
Ellen and Brian2,183,483314.900.144
Ellen and Brian6,725,270178.760.026
Average CPM0.035

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, eg. Mukbang)

YouTuberViewsRevenue ($)CPM ($)
Zach Choi ASMR1,300,000385.230.29
Average CPM0.29

Key Takeaways

There is no such thing as a definitive dollar to view ratio rate in YouTube.

The amount you can earn from YouTube varies depending on a variety of things which include:

  • Niche (video topic)
  • Length of video (how many ads you can display)
  • Quality of channel (family-friendly)
  • Who are the majority of your viewers (traffic from the US gives the highest CPM)
  • Content (original or using copyrighted materials)
  • Other things

Your CPM in your niche will also fluctuate throughout the year.

According to YouTubers, the highest CPM is around holidays and at the end of the year when people are usually on shopping frenzy due to bonuses.

It is also the time advertisers are willing to spend more for advertorial space on your videos.

By the way, shoutout to all YouTubers who are mentioned on this post for sharing their analytics (we know its kind of confidential information) and without your input, this post won’t come to life.

Also, if you are a YouTuber and you would like your stats to be added to the tables above, feel free to leave them in the comments or send us a private message on Facebook.

Thank you for your time on “the most profitable niches on YouTube”.

We hope this has helped you in any way for your YouTube journey.

If you have any questions, or you have any information you want to share regarding this topic, leave a comment below.

Your friend,


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