Network Marketing Tips for Struggling Marketers

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Successful Network Marketers Do Not Prospect Their Warm Market

If you are interested to know how the top earners in the company became so successful…

You might be interested to know that most of them did not prospect their friends and family members when they first started.

Successful Network Marketers understand the concept of consumer awareness and why the people you know are most likely not the right people to help you build your business.

Let me know if you have one of these experiences…

When you meet a long lost friend over a meal or a short coffee, and an opportunity came up during the conversation where you start sharing what you do and how you can help that person with your products and services, and all of a sudden your friend stopped you and say let’s enjoy the coffee…

Or, you are hit with a response saying “let me think about it, but you never heard back from that person ever again”.

Or, you managed to talk a person into your business, and everything was going great, the excitement and enthusiasm were there, but a few weeks later, the person came back saying “I don’t think this is the right business for me”.

Well, I don’t know about you, but these were the experiences I had. That’s after prospecting hundreds of my friends and family members, got 3 of them into my business, and within three months, every one of them LEFT.

And it is, later on, I came across a concept called the stages of consumer awareness that I understand those people whom I was prospecting were not the right people for my business.

Every single person who ever comes across a product or service will go through these stages, whether or not they actually buy the product or service.

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The 5 Stages of Consumer Awareness for Network Marketing

Let me share what these stages are, and you can determine yourself if your friends and family are the right prospects for your business.

Do stick with me to the end, because I will be sharing with you real strategies that can help you grow and scale your network marketing business.

There are basically five stages of consumer awareness.

Stage 1: The Unaware Stage

The first stage are people who have absolutely no idea that they have a problem they want to solve.

For example, if you are selling a weight loss product…

You may think that your prospect wants to lose weight because of the size of that person, but later when you talk to that person…

That person might feel offended because he or she don’t think that they have a weight problem, and they don’t have the desire to lose weight either.

And, when you dish out all these free gifts or samples of your products to them, what happens is that they will most likely chuck it aside and tell you that it doesn’t work.

That’s because these people do not have the desire to solve their problems, in their mind, that problem doesn’t exist.

So, no matter how awesome or life-changing your product is, it doesn’t matter to this group of people.

Stage 2: The Problem Awareness Stage

Now, stage 2 is the complete opposite of stage 1.

This group of people are people who have migrated from stage 1 to stage 2 because they acknowledged that they have a problem; they have identified that there is a problem with them.

It is hard for people to migrate from stage 1 to stage 2 because that person has to have self-realization because without it, they will be stuck at stage 1, and they will not progress.

For example, a person who never realizes that there is a need to buy insurance, and suddenly something bad happened to one of his or her close friends or family members that got them into financial trouble, because they don’t have insurance.

That person finally realized the value of life insurance.

And as a network marketer, sometimes we know something so obvious that could help somebody you know…

But, with all the good intentions that you have, it is still not enough.

It boils down to your ability to convince someone in stage 1 and make them realize that they have a problem and that brings them to stage 2.

The problem is, most network marketers do not have the ability to convince.

That’s why most of them are stuck in this business, either because they are not given the right knowledge, or they are just not strong enough to pursue the knowledge and experience because it takes lots of practice, and they need to face a lot of rejections.

Now, if you are new to network marketing, or you have been struggling with the business…

However, you know that the products or services that your company sells are beneficial to others…

Then, you’ll be happy to know that you don’t need to target people in stage 1.

You can identify and speak directly to people in stage 2, people who really want to solve their problems and have a high chance of them buying your solution.

Because, you can’t sell a solution to someone who doesn’t need it, right?

I will share more about the strategies later, so stick with me to the end, but for now, let me continue with the next stage of consumer awareness, which is the solution stage.

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Stage 3: The Solution Awareness Stage

This is the stage where people in stage 2 are looking for solutions to solve their problem.

This is where the buying decision is made, and that’s where you start to make money as well.

Now, in stage 2, even though some people have identified their problem, it doesn’t mean that they will solve it.

Some people procrastinate with their problems because there is no need.

There is no desire to want to solve the problem until the problem becomes a need. So, stage 3 are people who will buy the products or services that you introduced to them.

They may already try other products or services on the market, but they are not happy with what they have, and they are still looking for solutions.

So, as network marketers, this is the best group of people to sell your products. But, the question is again, how do you identify them, I will get to that in a while.

Stage 4: The Product Awareness Stage

Now, stage 4 is the stage where people will say, this is the product or service I have been looking for, and I will go all-in on this.

They will spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on the products because they think that the product they bought in stage 3 can genuinely solve their problem.

And, they wouldn’t mind spending the money to solve their problem entirely.

Stage 5: The Most Awareness Stage (Becoming An Advocate)

If the product really did solve their problem, this group of people can easily transition to the next and final stage of consumer awareness where they become an advocate of the product.

They will start sharing and talking about the product that transformed their life.0

And, these are the people you should have in your business, because there is a reason, a calling for them to share the products, no matter how difficult the business is going to be.

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The Problem with the Network Marketing Industry…

Now, the problem with network marketing is that most of the time, you will see people in stage 2 or 3 of the consumer awareness, pretending to be in stage 5.

Because, they were led to believe they can make a lot of money with the company.

But, because they didn’t have the life-transforming experience with the products…

They didn’t have a strong reason or the drive to get them through the struggles of the business.

And, when things get tough, they start to shift the blame to everywhere else but themselves.

That’s why so many people boycott network marketing opportunities even though the products are good and the company offers a good opportunity.

A True Network Marketer Who Will Succeed…

So now, I am talking to people in stage 5, which is YOU, if you genuinely believe that the products of your company work, but you are still struggling with the business side of things.

There is a strategy that you can use to identify people in different stages of consumer awareness.

And, the best thing is you don’t need to rely on your social circle.

Plus, you don’t even need to get out of your home and talk to a single sole.

People will come to you, instead of you going out to get them.

There really is a strategy like this, top network marketers are currently using this strategy, and you can quickly scale your business globally.

Now, I know it sounds too good to be true, but let me share it with you, and you can decide if it is plausible…

Social Media Strategies…

Now, in this day and age, I would say that almost everyone is on a social media channel.

It doesn’t matter if it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, or whatever, everyone is using one or two of them.

And the great thing is that you can leverage these channels to reach out to the right audience.

The key to be successful in prospecting people on social media channels is to know what the right audience is looking for, what are the type of topics to talk about that will get them interested, and how to tell if people are really interested in what you can offer.

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The Organic Facebook Strategy

I’ll give you an example, like if you are promoting a weight loss product for a network marketing company, you can setup a Facebook page that documents your weight loss process.

You post content or video each and everyday that shows your progress and share the things you learn about weight loss.

If you do it every single day, and when people start seeing real results, people in stage 2 of consumer awareness are going to come to you…

They will start messaging you, it makes sense, right?

And, this is just one example.

Facebook Advertising and YouTube

There are other strategies such as Facebook Advertising and YouTube where you can promote a course or content that teaches network marketers how to grow their business.

People who respond are most likely interested in network marketing…

And, they are more receptive to the products that you promote because they understand how network marketing works.

All these strategies are called attraction marketing.

What is Attraction Marketing?

Attraction Marketing is simply ways and methods that will attract people to your business.

Instead of going out to push your products door to door or start a home party or whatever, you are attracting people who are interested in your products or business to you.

In the past, where media advertising is scarce and expensive, it is not quite possible.

But as the internet and social media evolves, this strategy is not made possible for network marketers to scale the business with confidence.

All you need to do is to focus on producing the right content to reach the right audience.

What’s Next For You? 

Now, if this makes sense to you, if attraction marketing is something you want to dive into, there are two choices.

You can either go on the internet to source and consolidate information about attraction marketing on your own because there are a lot of people teaching attraction marketing principles…

Or, if you want to know how to learn and improve on attraction marketing systematically, basically…

  1. Knowing how to identify people who are in different stages of consumer awareness;
  2. Producing the right content and helping people move forward to their next stage of awareness;

Then, there is a free 10-day Attraction Marketing Bootcamp created by my mentor, who is an 8 figure earner in his network marketing company.

He is the one who taught me how to leverage the concept of attraction marketing to scale and grow my network marketing business.

So if you are interested, you can click here to get started.

Anyway, I really hope that this 10-day Attraction Marketing Bootcamp can help you out as it did for me.

I wish you all the best in your network marketing business.

Your friend,


Jack Cao

Hi there! I'm Jack from Singapore, and I started my journey to find passive income when I was 24 years old. Back then, I worked as a Share Registration Officer while pursuing a degree in Economics and Finance. I was earning peanuts and I quickly realised what I was pursuing was not what I wanted to do with my life. So, I set out to find ways to make money online. The road was tough, there were many setbacks, but I'm glad I found success. While pursuing for success, I use this website as well as a YouTube channel to share what I learn along the way and hopefully make some friends here. Let's join hands and make passive income together! More about me and my success story here.

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