Is Level Rewards a Scam? – Here’s How The Creators Earn Money…

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Level Rewards Review: Introduction

So, someone introduced you to Level Rewards, and you wanted to know if it is easy to earn 5 bucks or more immediately as others say. Or you wanted to know if it is a scam or a legitimate program.

Whatever your reasons are here, I hope that I can provide you with the information you need. In fact, I found something really interesting about the way the creators of Level Rewards earn money, which may probably make you have second thoughts joining the program.

I know some people may not agree with what I said because they made money without spending any money, and I totally get that.

I am also a fan of programs that will make you money without spending any. So, hear me out, and I wanna make a dialogue with you to hear from you what you think about the way the owners earn money. OK?

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Now, let’s find out how the creators of Level Rewards earn money and whether or not it makes sense for you to join. Let’s check it out…

How Level Rewards Work?

When you join and level up, you don’t actually make money, but it gives you the “potential” to earn money. 

The money is only made when you refer someone into the program, and your referral levels up.

Each level your referral climbs, you’ll earn $5.

So, if your referral completed a task that brings him or her to level 12 immediately, you’ll earn 60 bucks. Quite a good deal, right?

But, the only thing is, you’ll have to be at level 12 to earn from all the levels.

For example, in the above case, if you are only on level 3, but your referral becomes a level 12, you’ll only earn $15 (3 Levels multiply by $5). Still not that bad, right?

Now, you’ll be interested to know that every step that you take in Level Rewards, be it just clicking on a link and joining a free trial, or to make an actual purchase, the creators of Level Rewards will earn money.

How the Creators of Level Rewards Earn Money?

For example, if you go into Level Rewards, you’ll see these featured offers…

And, if you click into one of them say, the credit dream…

It says that you’ll have to sign up for the 7 day trial with a valid credit card. And you can’t cancel it immediately.

But, what you don’t know is that when you click on the “Complete Deal” button, and you signed up to the trial…

Your sponsor, the person who introduced to Level Rewards, will earn $5 because you leveled up 1 time.

But, the creators of Level Rewards will earn $8.40. How do I know that?

The Credit Dream Affiliate Program

All you need to do is to search the keyword “TheCreditDream Affiliate Program” on Google, and you will find this:

The Credit Dream’s Affiliate Program is offered on OfferVault, an affiliate network.

And, it says that whenever someone signs up to The Credit Dream as a Lead, regardless if the person becomes a customer…

The affiliate, which in this case is Level Rewards, will earn $8.40.

So, Level Rewards earned $8.40, they return $5 back to your sponsor, and pockets a profit of $3.40.

The LendKey Affiliate Program

Take another example where you can earn a lot more credits like LendKey:

You’ll level up 12 times immediately if you manage to receive a loan of at least $500.

This means that your sponsor, given that he or she is on Level 12, will earn $60 (12 Levels multiply by $5), which is quite a decent amount.

But remember, you are not earning this money. You are taking action for others to earn.

And, do you know how much the creators of Level Rewards earn?

Similarly, we can do a Google search on the Keyword “Lendkey Affiliate Program”, and you’ll see this:

The creators will be paid $200, and they return $60 back to your sponsor, which makes them a profit of $140.

Remember, there are not only you and your sponsor in this program, but there are also hundreds or thousands of members in Level Rewards doing all the tasks, trying to earn money from this program, and every transaction that is made by the members, the creators will earn money.

Why Level Rewards is Genius?

To be honest, this is a very clever program because it forces you to do 2 things to earn money.

  1. It forces you to level up so that you have the potential to earn money, and because you are not making money yet;
  2. You have the motivation to refer others to join the program.

And, the more people you refer, the more earning potential you have, and the more money the creators make.

Level Rewards don’t have to pay for advertising to get people into the program, because you are doing all the work for them.

This is pure genius because you won’t feel cheated as you do get paid for the efforts you put into this, people in this program will feel encouraged to level up, and the creators get paid. It is a win win win situation.

So, I don’t know what you may think about this, maybe you have negative thoughts on this, or you are positive of this program, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. Whether it is pure genius or a total scam, I’d like to hear your opinion.

My 2 Cents on Level Rewards

Honestly, I don’t have anything against this program since it is free to join, and many people do get paid.

But, I just want to give caution to you if you decide to perform any tasks in the program.

Firstly, keep an eye on rewards that offer free trials. You’ve got to jot it down somewhere to cancel your membership before it ends.

Otherwise, you’ll be spending unnecessary money. However, if you find value in the products or services offered, of course, that is the best way to earn the credits.

But, what I mean is you do not want to get yourself in a situation where you need to request for refunds because you forgot cancel your trial. It is easy to get carried away when you sign up for lots of free trials.

Plus, you’ll be wasting a lot of time, and you risk not getting your money back.

Secondly, do not pay money for any products or services that you don’t need, just to get the credits to level up.

It doesn’t make sense. You don’t get paid for doing that.

So, if you follow these 2 principles, I don’t see any problems joining this program.

The Problem with Level Rewards

Truthfully, a platform like Level Rewards won’t last forever.

Maybe the authorities may step in one day and shut it down because they think this is a pyramid scheme or a recruitment scheme.

Or, the program administrator did not properly manage the changes of the affiliate terms properly (because there are so many of them) that causes a reputation problem.

Or, people are just not interested in Level Rewards anymore.

Anything can happen!

And when that happens, all the hard work that you’ve put in will be wasted.

So, what I want to get across is that you shouldn’t rely solely on Level Rewards to earn money.

You should have a way for you to get lots of online traffic without relying on any single program to make you money. In this sense, if one program is down, you can redirect all of your traffic sources to another program.

Final Thoughts

If you are interested in learning how to constantly and consistently get eyeballs on whatever offers you promote (online traffic), then I’ve prepared a short and concise training for you to get started.

Anyway, thank you for reading this Level Rewards review.

I hope that it has provided you with some valuable insights, and I am really interested to know what you think about Level Rewards.

Whether it is a scam, or a good way to earn some money, I want to hear from you, leave a comment below.

Personally, I don’t think Level Rewards is a scam, and in my opinion, it is a clever program that kind of satisfy everybody.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Your friend,


Jack Cao

Hi there! I'm Jack from Singapore, and I started my journey to find passive income when I was 24 years old. Back then, I worked as a Share Registration Officer while pursuing a degree in Economics and Finance. I was earning peanuts and I quickly realised what I was pursuing was not what I wanted to do with my life. So, I set out to find ways to make money online. The road was tough, there were many setbacks, but I'm glad I found success. While pursuing for success, I use this website as well as a YouTube channel to share what I learn along the way and hopefully make some friends here. Let's join hands and make passive income together! More about me and my success story here.

2 thoughts on “Is Level Rewards a Scam? – Here’s How The Creators Earn Money…

  1. hello, I think its great. Do you have any advise for someone who is an introvert and doesn’t have a vast network to gain traffic?

  2. This is definitely a scam!!!!!!!they feed you a lot of bullshit and expect people to be satisfied with the results! I am placing this on every facebook page!!!!

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