Atomy Review: Is it a Legitimate Business or a Scam?

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I came across Atomy in a weird way.

I was at my mum’s place recently and I had to take a shower, then I discovered Atomy because all the products in there were from the company.

So, I had no choice but to use them…

What’s my experience? Watch the video…

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Personal Experience

When I was showering at my mum’s place, I’ve used the Herbal Hair & Body Care set that includes the shampoo and the body cleanser. I didn’t use the hair treatment and the tonic though.

Later on, I’ve bought the Evening Care Foam Cleanser and HemoHim.

What I generally like about the company’s products is that they are not expensive, and the speed of product delivery is quick.

The prices of Atomy products are comparable to other products you can find on the market. It is unlike other network marketing companies where you are paying a premium because the company is running a multi-level compensation plan.

Herbal Shampoo & Body Care

Smells like the BA WANG Shampoo that you can buy off the shelf. I think all herbal products will have the smell of herbal, otherwise it just defeats the purpose, right? Haha.

Anyway, I don’t particularly like the herbal smell, I had no choice but to use it. I didn’t feel much difference personally, but my wife told me that her hair wasn’t tangled as much.

Evening Care Foam Cleanser

Personally, I really like the tangerine smell. I have oily skin, and most facial cleanser I’ve used can only keep my skin at normal condition (not too oily, not too dry) for about an hour, and my face gets oily again.

But, with the Evening Care Foam Cleanser, my face will be kept at normal condition for about 3 to 4 hours. Every time I wash my face with the cleanser, I feel refresh. It is probably because of the pleasant smell.


At the time I published this review, I have already consumed an entire box of the product. The purpose of HemoHim is to improve our immunity system. My health is not on dire state, so I didn’t feel much of a difference, but I could say that I am more energetic than before.

I’ll continue to consume it, and I’ll update this review again later on.

Taste: Incredibly bitter! but if you consume it regularly, you’ll get use to the taste. Once you get use to it, you can actually taste the sweetness in the bitterness.


What is Atomy? Atomy is a Korean based health and wellness network marketing company that sells a wide range of products. It has over hundreds of products in niches like Health, Skin Care, Make Up, Hair and Body, Living, and Food. The company is founded by a Korean businessman in 2009, and the first overseas branch was set up in the U.S. in 2010. Now, Atomy has operations in Korea, Japan, Canada, Taiwan, Cambodia, Philippines, Malaysia, Mexico, Thailand, Australia, Indonesia, Russia, and Singapore.

Who is the founder? A Korean businessman, Han-Gil Park, who is also the current CEO of company, founded Atomy in 2009. His vision for the company is to provide premium quality products to people all over the world at an affordable price. He has been featured on the cover of the Fortune Korea Magazine.

How to become an Atomy customer or distributor? If you don’t know any Atomy distributors, but you’d like to buy the products, the good news is, you can. There is no restriction to an outsider, but you’ll still need to create an account using a distributors’ ID and password. I know it is a little contradicting, but you can find random distributors’ ID and password through this link (Not an affiliate link). Once you click on the click, select your country, you can follow the instructions and create your account. You can choose to be a customer or a distributor, both are free to join.

Is Atomy a scam or a pyramid scheme? Absolutely not. If Atomy don’t have any products (which they do), then they are a pyramid scheme. And, if products are low quality (which they are not), then they are a scam. So, the answer is no, Atomy is a legitimate network marketing company. I’ve tried their products, they are of good quality, and one of the product, HemoHim, is a product developed by a Government backed research.

Are Atomy products FDA approved? Some, but not all. You can find the list of FDA approved products through searching the keyword “Atomy” on the FDA label search page. It is weird that I couldn’t find HemoHim part of the list of Over-The-Counter Drugs that are approved by the FDA. It is most likely because HemoHim is considered a dietary supplement. If I understand the U.S. FDA correctly, they do not have the authority to review dietary supplements before they are marketed (1). As far as the Korean FDA (KFDA) approval, I can’t find any concrete proof that HemoHim is FDA approved as well. However, the HemoHim is patented in several countries and it is researched by the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute that is funded by the Korean Government.


Atomy has hundreds of products span over niches like Health, Skin Care, Make Up, Hair and Body, Living and Food. Listing all the products here will be a little over the top, but let me walk you through some of the popular products.


The Health product line consist of 16 products. HemoHim, Hongsamdan, Probiotics 10+, Finezyme, Alaska E-Omega 3, Kids Chewable Omega 3, 100% Pure Spirulina, Eye-Lutein, Rhodiola Milk Thistle, Sawpalmetto, Ginkgo & Natto, Color Food Vitamin C, Pomegranate Beauty, Sophora Queen, Balance Life, and Pu’er Tea.

HemoHim (54,600 PV)

Member price: SGD138.00; Non-member price: SGD172.50

Atomy HemoHim is a Korean Government funded project, and it is developed by the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute. It is a health supplement to boost a person’s immunity support. HemoHim, the brand of the product, is actually the main ingredient of the product, and it is documented in the U.S. National Library of Medicine (2) as having a positive effects on a human body.

Hongsamdan (48,000 PV)

Member price: SGD118.00; Non-member price: SGD147.50

Korean Red Ginseng Spherical Granule is a health supplement that supports fatigue resistance, promotes blood circulation and improves memory functions as well as antioxidant level. It is developed using the trademarked micro-grinding technology.

Probiotics 10+ (13,000 PV)

Member price: SGD41.00; Non-member price: SGD53.30

Recommended for individuals with gastrointestinal disorders caused by stress and irregular eating patterns. The product is said to restrain growth of harmful bacteria and improve bowel movement.

100% Pure Spirulina (9,000 PV)

Member price: SGD29.00; Non-member price: SGD37.70

Spirulina is a freshwater plant with a long history. The product is a protein-rich supplement that can improve skin condition and carry out antioxidant activities in the body.

Pomegranate Beauty (32,500 PV)

Member price: SGD108.00; Non-member price: SGD135.00

It contains ellagic acid which is a functional ingredient of pomegranate concentrate that helps with skin moisturizing and menopausal women’s health.

Sophora Queen (13,000 PV)

Member price: SGD49.00; Non-member price: SGD63.70

It is said to help with the health of menopausal women, improve bone health, improve blood cholesterol and improve blood circulation.

Skin Care

Atomy Skin Care 6 System (100,000 PV)

Member price: SGD176.00

Consist of Atomy Toner, Eye Cream, Essence, Lotion, Nutrition Cream, and BB Cream. The combination of use is said to provide you with a clear and radiant skin.

Atomy Absolute CellActive Skincare (130,000 PV)

Member price: SGD299.00; Non-member price: SGD373.75

Similar to the products of Jeunesse Global, this set of skin care products is to help you look younger. It consist of a Toner for whitening, Ampoule for whitening and wrinkle-reduction, Serum for wrinkle reduction, Lotion for hydration, Eye-Complex for whitening and wrinkle reduction, and a Nutrition Cream for wrinkle reduction.

Atomy Evening Care 4 Set (13,000 PV)

Member price: SGD47.00; Non-member price: SGD61.00

This set consist of a Deep Cleanser, Foam Cleanser, Peeling Gel, and a Peel Off Mask, and it provides you with an experience of a home spa which is as effective as professional aesthetic treatments.

Atomy Aqua 3 Set (20,800 PV)

Member price: SGD68.00; Non-member price: SGD85.00

The product is developed using Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute’s high-purification technology to enhance and replenish the skin’s moisture with a natural hydrating source. The set consist of an Aqua Toner, Aqua Serum, and an Aqua Cream.

Atomy Cerabebe 3 Set (18,600 PV)

Member price: SGD55.00; Non-member price: SGD68.75

Atomy Cerabebe 3 Set is developed using the high purity ceramide stabilization technology to produce gentle, ultra moisturizing and highly concentrated products suitable for all skin types. The product’s non-irritant formula made of lactobacillus, fermented turmeric and emulsifier with bean-based lecithin offers long-lasting protection for delicate skin.

Make Up

Atomy Lipstick (6,100 PV)

Member price: SGD22.00; Non-member price: SGD28.60

Contains 5 types of flower oils (rapeseed, carthamus tinctorius seed, evening primrose, damask, rose, chamomile) creating non-sticky protection for lips and giving lastting scent. Colors include Cotton Rose, Nudy Rose, Rose Pink, Rose Brown, Poppy Tangerine, Poppy Peach, Poppy Pink, and Poppy Red.

Atomy Healthy Glow Base (5,000 PV)

Member price: SGD18.00; Non-member price: SGD24.30

Gives the skin a pink moisturized base. This product has 3 uses, it is a sunscreen (SPF 30 PA++), skin brightening, and wrinkle care.

Hair & Body

Atomy Herbal Hair & Body Care 4 Set (16,500 PV)

Member price: SGD55.00; Non-member price: SGD68.80

Contains plant-based extracts that will give you a refreshing feeling. The products are developed using Kolmar Korea’s patented Clear Formula which effectively removes sebum and contaminants from the skin. The set consist of Herbal Shampoo, Herbal Body Cleanser, Herbal Hair Treatment, and Herbal Hair Tonic.

Oral Care

Atomy Toothpaste (200g x 5 tubes) (3,250 PV)

Member price: SGD22.00; Non-member price: SGD28.60

Made with propolis and green tea extract. It is effective in removing plaque and preventing tooth decay and bad breath.

Atomy Toothbrush (8 pieces) (5,000 PV)

Member price: SGD12.00; Non-member price: SGD16.20

The brush end is technically modified into a slim size under 0.03mm and is coated with a 99.9% gold membrane which prevents harmful bacterial growth.

Compensation Plan – General Commission

It is absolutely free to join Atomy as a distributor and to get a unique sponsor ID and password. But, to earn a commission from the compensation plan, you’ll need to purchase products worth of 300,000 Point Volume (PV).

To put it simply, each product will be tagged with a PV (their point system). And, as you buy products, those points will be added. Once you accumulated 300,000 PV you will be qualified to earn from the company.

Based on my calculation (exchange rate USD1 = SGD1.35):

SGD1 (USD0.74) = an average of 400 PV

So, to accumulate 300,000 PV, you will need to spend about SGD750 (USD556).

As you spend more money on Atomy products, those points will be accumulated and you will move up the 5 classes of dealership:

Dealership Class Grade Score Daily Performance (Smaller Point Team)
Sales Rep (< 300,000 Personal Volume)85ACC ≥ 300,000 PV
Agent (300,000 Personal Volume)715ACC ≥ 300,000 PV
Special Agent630≥ 700,000 PV
Dealer560≥ 1,500,000 PV
Exclusive Distributor490≥ 2,400,000 PV
Exclusive Distributor3150≥ 6,000,000 PV
Exclusive Distributor2250≥ 20,000,000 PV
Exclusive Distributor1300≥ 50,000,000 PV

*ACC = Accumulate

How the above table works is that 44% of the sales volume (PV) generated by the entire company will be distributed back to the qualified members every week as defined above.

Take note: Every week your Distributor Class will change, and it depends on your sales volume generated every week on your smaller point team (explained below).

The compensation plan works in a binary system, which means that you have to recruit 2 distributors and they will be place on a left and a right team.

Smaller Point Team: The team that has lesser PV generated for the week

Bigger Point Team: The team that has generated a higher PV for the week

So, based on the PV generated by your smaller point team, you will be given a score for the week.

And, 44% of the entire company sales volume will be distributed based on the score you have earned for the week. There is no definite amount tagged to the score as company’s sales volume fluctuates based on performance.

Compensation Plan – Masters’ Bonus

Atomy will take another 20% of their entire company’s sales volume and pay it back to distributors who qualify for the Masters’ Bonus.

Similar to the General Commission, your Mastership Rank will differ every 2 weeks, and it is based on the following conditions:

Mastership Rank Conditions Rate of Masters’ Bonus
Sales MasterSpecial Agent with a minimum of 2,500,000 PV on the Smaller Point Team10% of total PV distributed equally to Sales Masters
Diamond MasterDealer with minimum 2 Sales Masters under each team5% of total PV distributed equally to Diamond Masters and higher Masterships
Sharon-Rose MasterExclusive Distributor with minimum 2 Diamond Masters under each team2% of total PV distributed equally to Sharon-Rose Masters and higher Masterships
Star MasterExclusive Distributor with minimum 2 Sharon-Rose Masters under each team 1.2% of total PV distributed equally to Star Masters and higher Masterships
Royal MasterExclusive Distributor with minimum 2 Star Masters under each team 1% of total PV distributed equally to Royal Masters and higher Masterships
Crown MasterExclusive Distributor with minimum 2 Royal Masters under each team 0.5% of total PV distributed equally to Crown Masters and higher Masterships
Imperial MasterExclusive Distributor with minimum 2 Crown Masters under each team 0.3% of total PV distributed equally to Imperial Master

Here are the additional conditions to the Masters’ Bonus:

Sales Master, Diamond Master, Sharon-Rose MasterNo restrictions on rank promotionRank promotion of two levels is not permitted beyond Diamond Master level
Star Master, Royal Master, Crown Master, Imperial MasterMust achieve previous Mastership 3 times before being promoted onto the next Mastership level

Source (3)


Who should join as a distributor? People who are comfortable with the sales environment. Being an Atomy distributor is a sales job by definition. No matter how great the products are, distributors will still have to overcome the common difficulties of a sales job.

It comes with attributes like facing a ton of rejections, traveling from one appointment to another, treating people to coffee or tea, and sometimes, even downplaying yourself, and worst of all, you may need to fake it to make it.

Plus, you’ll have to spend time managing and coaching a team of sales reps once you have recruited them, which may take up a lot of your time. Not forgetting the high turnover rate of distributors.

However, distributors can take comfort that the rate of return customer is almost 80%, and it is attributed to the premium quality products with an affordable price. It just make perfect sense a consumer.

So, if you are considering joining Atomy, then consider if you are comfortable with the sales environment, and are you willing to go through tons and tons of rejections just to improve your sales pitch. Sales is a unique profession, and the knowledge and experience are never acquired through books, courses, or training.

Personally, I love the products and I will continue to use them. I will be happy to share the products with people who are close to me, but I am not a fan of building a business with the company.

I would prefer to build a business that is based on my passion, and has the potential to generate a full-time passive income from home. If you have the same interest as me, you can check this out.

However, if you choose to succeed with Atomy, I highly recommend that you learn how to find an endless stream of highly targeted prospects here.

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